UAV Services

UAV Services

DroneIT provides a comprehensive range of UAV services in Hawke’s Bay and across the North Island.

We have the drones, experience and expertise to handle any job, ensuring it’s safe, legal and compliant. Drones can access places humans can’t get to without time, effort and risk, meaning we can do highly accurate work faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

Our UAV services include:

Aerial Photography

With a range of drones at our disposal we have the right tools for any UAV aerial photography job.


Drone IT is a company passionate about helping to restore, improve and enhance our natural environment.


Drone IT specialises in UAV land surveying to accurately map difficult or inaccessible terrain for geotechnical engineering analysis and solutions.


With current economic and climatic conditions affecting primary sector production, it is more important than ever to maximise efficiencies on farms and orchards.

Infrastructure Modelling

Using drones for 3D modelling of infrastructure assets, telecommunications towers and buildings offers a big advantage over terrestrial methods in time and cost.


UAV inspections of assets are vastly better than traditional methods, allowing the operator to capture detailed views and information of hard to reach, hidden or inaccessible areas.

Quarries and Stockpiles

Whether you are a quarry operator requiring accurate UAV surveys and end of month volume calculations…

Surveying and Mapping

Our drone surveying and mapping services include topographical surveys, 3D terrain modelling…

LiDAR Surveys

If your site is covered in trees and thick vegetation, and you need an accurate terrain model, LiDAR is the way to go….